Thursday, March 3, 2016


folks been asking.... here is the band that will plays bass in called CRAZY BUGS.... stream the demo  further below

Monday, February 29, 2016


We tracked most of the LP last weekend and it's sounding good. Should be about 9 tracks on this one.

Here are some dates for our upcoming trip to the southern USA.

3/11 Witchita KS - Walnut St Gallery
3/12 Oklahoma City OK - District House (Everything is not OK Fest)
3/13 Tulsa OK - Pineapple Palace
3/14 Houston TX - Satellite Bar
3/16 New Orleans LA - Sisters in Christ
3/17 San Antonio TX - Imagine Books & Records *
3/18 Austin TX - House show ^$
3/18 Austin TX - Velveeta Room ("official badge thing show")
3/19 Austin TX - The Limit Does Not Exist day show (for Planned Parenthood TX)
3/19 Austin TX - Get Over Your Self Fest $
3/19 Austin TX - 21st St Co-Op $
3/20 Austin TX - Beerland ^$

send us a text message (seattle area code) 551 8330 if you don't know the address of a show (phone number only active while we are on the trip, so don't even think about it)

^ with SO PITTED

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WINTER 2016 plotlines...

Currently in the studio working on a new LP.... but who will put it out?

In the meantime here's two shows we're doing in our main region::::

Playing in Vancouver at the Antisocial Skate Store with some hot acts on FrIdAy DeCemB 11TH


Seattle will be with BIG BITE and NAOMI PUNK.... matt is working on the poster but i guess it's not done yet

Also - we're going to SXSW in March and also gonna play around Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana while we're at it ----- exact dates forthcoming immininenetly

Also - "Deserve" LPs are ALLLLMMMOOOSTTT back in print from Couple Skate Records

Also - there's a bunch of web shop orders that haven't been shipped out for like 6 months, but they will be like in the next 2 weeks. sorry.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


the above is a clip from a new project by hugo and some other heads... stay tuned for C.C.R.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

N4 Leave Film

hello ----------

here's a video that our friend Andrea from the nasty band NÜ SENSAE made for a song on our new record Running Back

new tape soon
recording a medium length piece in october
local/regional shows soon
take it easy

Sunday, July 19, 2015


playing a show with 2 incredible young bay area bands



alongside local greats WOOLWORM

the show is at the ALF House which is georgia & clark
it'll be early, 7 PM start time.... don't be late, bring $5

also i know we have some merch orders to ship out, sorry about that.... if you haven't received your item yet it should be on its way to you really soon

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

1K Lbs film + Summer Tour DATES

this video was shot by our dear friend Courtney Garvin from THE COURTNEYS, who are likely the finest band in Vancouver.

Here's some tour dates we're doing this summer

THU 7/2 Milwaukee WI - Lucky Dog
FRI 7/3 Detroit MI - Lo & Behold *
SAT 7/4 Kingston ON - Artel
SUN 7/5 Toronto ON - SHIBGB'S
MON 7/6 -----------
TUE 7/7 Oklahoma City OK - The Shop
WED 7/8 Kansas City MO - Green Desert $
THU 7/9 Omaha NE - Sweatshop Gallery $
FRI 7/10 Sioux Falls SD - Total Drag
SAT 7/11 Fargo ND - Skate park show TBA
SUN 7/12 Minneapolis MN - Luck Machine

* with Broken Water
$ with Lazy

as always all shows are all ages
should have some new merch on deck...
found some pink LPs
sing nervous III
sorry for the delay

Thursday, April 9, 2015


hey field trippers

it has come to our attention that there's been a mix-up at the manufacturing plant, and some of the boxes marked "pink" actually contained black LPs. 
not ideal. 
if you pre-ordered a pink LP and got a black one, email and we can sort this fuckstorm out. 
thanks for the loyalty and we are really sorry this is a Thing!!

if you ordered a cassette from it will ship next week when we return from tour. and we'll also be updating with some leftover east coast tour merch at that time!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIRGE and grunge aren't coming back sorry

if you want a limited edition RUNNING BACK LP and you don't live in vancouver i recommend pre-ordering it here because they're almost gone!

they are on pink vinyl and come with a big newsprint poster like this....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

most common interview questions we get

from now on if anybody asks one of these questions i am gonna kick the interviewer in the throat...

so the name weed, why'd you pick that?
it's about the verb weed, like when you weed somebody out of your life.

do you smoke a lot of weed though?

is bobby still in the band?
no but he does play occasional shows with us. he is busy with his own project.

who are your influences?
my bloody valentine, husker du, dinosaur jr, sonic youth, the band.

how do you write songs?
kevin or will comes up with a riff then we bring them to the practice space and edit them.

why is playing all-ages shows so important to you?
because everyone should get to see the shows.

does that make it harder to book tours?
not that i know of.

i run a small newspaper in vancouver and do a lot of interviews... it's not that hard to talk about interesting things.