Saturday, January 28, 2012

Comin' up

We started recording tonight for our new EP. It's gonna come out this spring!!! Some of the best Weed songs yet if I do say so myself. New shows listed soon too.

Monday, January 16, 2012


There has been some confusion about our show in Victoria this weekend.

Just to be clear: We are not playing in Victoria this weekend. We are playing in Vancouver at a house on Adanac & Templeton.

With Watermelon. And ????

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sup World? today at 10:30 AM !!!!

Listen live here

I will be co-hosting Sup World on CiTR with the lovely Melanie Coles this morning, playing some of my favorite records, talking about the tour and Weed and the Northwest.

photo dump

kevin is the ultimate packer

tough guy

the beach in LA

i love this dude!!!!

took this picture before with a different man

a continuous lean



Played in Vancouver. The Hausu guys made it up to Lucky's at like 5:30. We had a night of burgers and bros at Anna's house. It was a lot of fun. We went down to 360 to load in around 10:00. That place is so intense and hilarious.

Went back to Anna's house and just kind of hung out there for a while. Ben, Karl & Alex are certainly three of my closest friends... we had so much fun the last two nights there were here. Bummed that Santi couldn't make it up.

The show was fun. We played really loud and it was possibly Paul's last show in the band ever. He will be difficult to replace. Pizza Sub was cool and really nice. High Drops were good people. The vibe at 360 Glen isn't something I can handle every weekend - I don't think I've ever stayed up late enough to see more than one band at that space. But it was cool to play there for sure.

Watermelon backed out and in of the show at the last possible moment, and they played last. Really nice way to end the night. I closed my eyes a lot. We're playing a house show with them and Babysitter in Victoria in a few weeks. Cool.

The trend continues... this was our most successful tour yet! Had a lot of fun this week. Loving this crew.

We are going to finish writing a new record over the next few weeks and start recording it in February. I think it's gonna come out this spring on Cruising USA.

Let's go!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


I am nervous. For me, tour emotions have mostly been occurring in the reverse order of what they previously have. The butterflies are just now starting. I was never scared to play, scared to screw up, or scared to be myself. During the time since my last Weed tour I have longed to be thrown back into the atmosphere so far outside of my comfort zone. Meeting new people, playing music in front of strangers, being vulnerable, these are things I'm no good at. This time though, this time I was comfortable.

Once again, I owe it all to the people. Will, Kevin, Hugo, Bobbie, thank you. Thank you for understanding who I am and accepting me with open arms into your amazing possy vibe. I feel like myself when I'm around you. I feel on. It happend last tour and repeated itself this past week. This trip has caused me, more than anything else, to start thinking. Touring has revived some part of my life I may have forgotten. For me, this is only the beginning. I've never ever been more excited and happy that something happened and nervous as shit that it may be over. Like, real fuckin nervous. Thank you for that.


The drive from Olympia to Seattle is only about an hour. We listened to Glenn Branca on the way. Lesson No. 1. It’s really good from what I could hear. Went to the QFC on Capitol Hill and I picked up some photos that I dropped off earlier. A really good roll! I failed to get another disposable camera so there are no photos after LA or before Seattle. Oh well. You can only take so many pictures of the dudes sleeping in the back seat. Also dropped off a 7” in the mail. 
Got back to the van and we headed over to the University of Washington to play a radio thing at 5. It was a great way to warm up and we had fun with the interview... I always ham it up when I’m in situations like that, I can’t help it! I’ll try to find a podcast of it. Here it is.

Afterwards we basically went to the Black Lodge to start setting up for the show. The good vibe started almost immediately. The place was packed out and every single one of my favorite people came to the show. Even some homies from Vancouver made the drive down to surprise us!
M Women played first and were really good. I like them more every time I see them and I got another copy of their 7” to give to Melanie. We also traded t-shirts. Our new t-shirt is selling very slowly... I don’t get it. I thought it was cool. Whatever.

This time I was determined to keep my spirits high for the set and not let anything get in my head. I wanted to shred. We did I think. Made some fairly big changes to the setlist and it did wonders... we were getting stagnant with the same order of everything every night and this helped a lot. I had a huge grin on my face for the whole night.

Our new song is sounding really good. It’s called “Ben’s Tour”.

Naomi played after us. This time we BARELY survived, but only because they had some technical issues. We even lent them a bass drum. But seriously. They are the best band.

Spent some time with my dear friends Luci and Josh, who are moving back to Australia after their semester in Vancouver. I’ll miss them a lot.

Drove home to sweet Vancouver and got home at about 4:30. Paul drove back with Anna & Vance, and I guess they witnessed a pretty intense accident right in front of them. Glad they’re OK. Vance also got a speeding ticket. What a day.

I’m at work again today but we’re playing at 360 Glen tonight and we’ve never really done a warehouse show. Not in a long time anyway. I guess we’re going to have a little barbecue tonight as a pregame activity - the Hausu dudes are en route to Vancouver right now! Dang.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


taco stap
we stay at naomi punks house in olympia. this is their cat, socks. zen cat.
nick from Naomi Punk made this. "Nick's Void"
this is naomi punk. they are my favourite band from the pacific northwest. here they are at a house in olympia that used to be a psychiatric youth asylum. weed was honoured to play after such a legendary perfomance. my penis became fully engorged.
to davis

la - sunset blvd
la - hollywood high


I'm writing from Vancouver now. I'll try to remember the last two days.

Olympia was cool. We all love that city a lot, I think, but I can say that I'm fairly intimidated by it. It's pretty cool. I went to the post office and to run some errands in town with Bobby and Hugo. It was really cool to walk around and ask for directions. People weren't that nice but still.

Went to Quality Burrito and I had some guacamole. Not really feeling that place any more to be honest. I have a fond memory of going to that diner across the street but I guess they had another fire or something. Kevin picked us up, then they went to get a coat from the thrift store and I waited in the car and read a little bit. They went to the guitar store too cos Kev broke a string during our first song in Davis.

Went back to Neil and Nick's house and sat in the kitchen with everyone and talked shit for a while. Travis played me the new Naomi Punk song on his iPod, it's excellent. Nick showed us a drawing he did called "The Void". Oh yeah - four of us tried to take a nap in their roommate Jaden's bed, which is the most massive and comfortable bed I've ever experienced. We could have slept the entire band plus friends in that thing with room to spare. Apparently when I jumped headfirst into it Bobby couldn't even feel anything on his side of the bed. Only thing is that Neil had told us that Jaden wasn't coming home that night, but he did, in the middle of the band nap. Fortunately I avoided that awkward situation because I was too excited to sleep - I was in the shower when he came in. Sounds like Bobby might have cursed him out in his slumber...

Anyway we went to the house where we were playing in West Bay around 8 to start thinking about setting up and stuff. I think there was a mix-up because the people living there seemed to have no idea there was a show happening that night. But they let us do it anyway. I was a little worried that no one was going to show up but they did around 9:30 or so.

Naomi Punk played first. Best I have ever seen them. They played some songs from their new record and they absolutely murdered all of us. Never a good idea to play after your favorite band!!! I felt really weird during and after our set because NP literally just fucked with my head for 30 minutes... haha

Dana Jewell was great too. I heard Dana talking about one of the guys in his band who spends his days at the library and two bars in Olympia and that's the only way they can get ahold of him to have band practice. Pretty funny. There were some members of Pleasure Beauties and The Family Stoned in his band so I did recognize some faces there.

After we played I sat in the van by myself for a few minutes and I guess Paul had the same idea cos he came out and sat in there too for a while and we talked about touring and playing shows with really good bands.

Went back to the house and I fell asleep first like usual. Woke up before anyone else and decided to go for a run in Olympia. Ran all through downtown and up to the capitol building and everywhere else I felt like, probably went for about five or six miles. Felt really good and my outlook was better - found myself feeling pretty bummed after our show for some reason. Got back to the house and showered - Paul was the only one who was awake. I ate the rest of my baguette and brie - with my own plasticware I might add - Glad I had that in the van!

Eventually we decided we had dicked around long enough and that we should go to Seattle. Oh yeah - I forgot to say their other roommate was gone to Seattle for the night so we slept in his room. Anyway there were some acoustic guitars in there and Paul and I woke everyone up with some camp songs. I guess Neil and his girlfriend heard us too cos they were waking up too.

Went to get some coffee and then we got the rock outta there. I'll write about Seattle later!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Oh yeah - here's our friend Luci wearing our new T-shirt, which is available at all our shows in addition to the With Drug/Eighty 7" !!!


Yesterday was a pretty long drive. I can't remember if anything weird happened. We stopped at a gas station. Bobby tried to drive.

I guess we got to Davis around 5 or so. Kevin's brother lives in Davis so we brought some groceries over to his house to munch on. I had apples, brie, and graham crackers. Oh yeah - they were pushing this new Kit-Kat at the grocery store that was supposed to be extra crispy + creamy. Tasted like the usual to me. Fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Although I did like that 79 cent Santa Clause Kit-Kat they had in Canada before Christmas.

Anyway. Talked shit with Matt D and his wife for a while and then we went to the show. Davis DIY scene was weird! We played in a living room of some college house. Boris, the guy who booked the show, was setting up gear for his set when we walked in. Nice dude. The only person I met in Davis that didn't have weird teeth.

Him and the other band, Healing Potpourri, played some droney spacey sets and then we played. Pretty loud. Mostly cleared the house out but we still had a lot of fun. Hugo especially went HAM and bled all over the bass...

Had to leave directly after our set at 11 to start the drive to Olympia. Never fun. But also it is kind of a thrill to be with your buds and face a long night of driving. It sure feels good to get to your destination and poop out on the couch once you arrive.

I'm writing from Olympia now at Neil and Nick's house. Travis and Ben were sitting at the table when we walked in and I was happy to see them. Bobby, Hugo and I walked downtown to take care of some errands. Olympia is just the best.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Played at the Smell last night. Been wanting to play there forever. Glad to say we finally did it. Going in I've learned to have zero expectations for shit like that but we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout especially on Tuesday. The girl who booked our show, Kate, was one of the sweetest girls we met on the road.

Oh yeah - went for a run around 11am yesterday along the beach. Felt awesome. Something about the January weather in Los Angeles made me feel real nostalgic and sad. I could've cried. Didn't though. Found a great radio station to listen to. Sure wish I could remember the frequency. The DJ played a Bad Fate song. They are too good.

Hung out on the beach with the crew for a while. This was Santa Monica beach I guess. Went up to the van and drove to a joint called "Tacos Por Favor" for lunch. Great food!

Talked sports with Hannah's dad for a while - apparently the New York Times has great sports writers. Didn't get a chance to check it out for myself.

Had a little rehearsal in the guest room and then we got the rock outta there. The Smell is real cool. I don't know why LA doesn't get more love. One of my favorite cities I've ever been to.

Just heard that it's 82 degrees though - happy to be on the road to Davis.

As usual I got tired early last night so I was in the tent before the hot tub was even warm. Woke up late this morning to the sound of Hannah's pooches screaming their heads off.

Stopped for breakfast on the road. I tried the eggs and cactus! Very cool

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

it's me, hugo

i am in LA. LA is fun. immediately there are some things i noticed.

coffee in LA gives you cancer. i dont know how, but i got a coffee anyways. it was worth it, although im not sure i will be saying later on in life.

things in la are exciting. they like to be aesthetically pleasing here because the entertainment industry is all about looks. note how the cars match the fire extinguishers in LA.

i love this movie so much. i was happy to see that there was still posters for it on hollywood boulevard at the stores. miss you, jack.

like i said, me and bobby walked all over hollywood. we drank whiskey and vodka out of cups that we bought from a fast food restaurant. then we drank 40's of beer in those same cups and continued to walk around. the things we saw, uh, whoa.

got sad 2 b in a city that was entertainment driven, uh, then i got really happy again cause i was drinkin in LA. s'pretty. glad we came. very excited to play tonight.

one last thing. these dogs rule so hard. uh, going to be sad to leave.