Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy Diving Tour

Not Weed but Will who plays in Weed also plays in an Oakland-based group called HAPPY DIVING.... he and they will be on tour this summer in the following places... and will have Weed LPs and a few random goodies for sale too...

7/23 Oakland, CA - Sgraffito

7/24 Santa Rosa, CA - Arlene Francis Center w/ Gun Outfit

7/25 Los Angeles, CA - Hi Hat
7/26 San Diego, CA - Soda Bar
7/27 Tucson, AZ - Club Congress w/ Hikikomori & Ryan Chavira
7/28 Albuquerque NM - Small Engine Gallery
7/29 Oklahoma City, OK - tba
7/30 Ft Worth, TX - Purple Palace w/ Bad Beats
7/31 Houston, TX - Vinal Edge Records
8/1 New Orleans, LA - Saturn Bar
8/2 Nashville, TN - Two Boots
8/3 Day Off - down for whatever
8/4 Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
8/5 Durham, NC - Pinhook
8/6 Baltimore, MD - tba
8/7 Philadelphia, PA - Lava Space w/ Socialite
8/8 New York, NY - Shea Stadium w/ Ovlov
8/9 New York, NY - day off, down for whatever
8/10 Providence, RI - Tommys Place w/ Wex
8/11 Boston, MA - Great Scott w/ California X
8/12 Amherst, MA - tba
8/13 Montreal, QB - Poisson Noir w/ Heathers & Holding Hands
8/14 Toronto, ON - Smiling Buddha
8/15 Detroit, MI - ???? need help ???? Ann Arbor would be cool too
8/16 Milwaukee, WI - High Dive
8/17 Bloomington IN - Jan's Rooms w/ Bugg & CCTV
8/18 Eau Claire, WI - tba
8/19 Duluth, MN - Northern Isolation Fest w/ Lumpy + the Dumpers
8/20 Minneapolis, MN - Dead Media Records (day) Coming Soon (night)
8/21 Sioux Falls, SD - Total Drag Records
8/22 Fargo, ND - tba
8/23 --
8/24 Calgary, AB - Tubby Dog
8/25 --
8/26 Vancouver, BC - Antisocial Skate Shop w/ Cascadia & Tough Customer & Hick
8/27 Seattle, WA - Neumos w/ So Pitted & Chastity Belt
8/28 Olympia, WA - tba
8/29 Portland, OR - The Know
8/30 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill


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