Saturday, July 28, 2012

old computer files

i'm switching computers. going thru some old pictures and i found some stuff from my VERY FIRST US TOUR with Pattern is Movement... feels like forever ago...

ok and yeah i know these aren't strictly weed-related, but i found them funny and thought you might too.

what a stupid beard. this is the day i flew home from pittsburgh, after 6.5 weeks with these gentlemen. what i saw in those weeks was really what started it all... these dudes were clearly pissed at me by the end of the trip, haha!
montreal foosball with julie doiron and fred squire. she totally liked to fart!
some kitchen in oberlin, ohio. chase, i wish i knew how to find you!
milwaukee wisconsin. such a classic move.
i remember this green room in salt lake city was fantastic. super nes, homemade dinner, hella couches.
these two have been supporting me for years... surprised my ass in seattle
the first DIY spot i ever went to... any healthy timers recognize anybody?? i see steve louie right up in the front. is that ben funkhouser a few people behind him???? k-dirty is in there somewhere...
it's impossible to not enjoy yourself with this guy all up in your business 24/7
PiM played a handful of dates with shudder to think... dude wrote the 'wet hot' OST! cray....
i still hate the celtics, bruins and sox, but boston sure was beautiful in the fall
after the tour i moved into this room, in a house called brome, in raleigh, north carolina, for a year. those were most of my earthly possessions. funny.

peace out!

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