Sunday, April 14, 2013

few things

the tour looks like the best one yet

before that, we're playing 2 shows in vancouver:

April 20th at ANTISOCIAL SKATE SHOP (attend)

April 26th at THOR'S PALACE (attend)

NEW LP real details coming very very very soon
but it is going to be called DESERVE and will have 9 tracks and will come out this summer


  1. k I seen you guys a million times (OK 5) but the first time was at 360 Glen and back then drummer-man, instead of riding on a high pitched trashy 16" crash like as of late, was riding on a much bigger cymbal - either a big thick crash or big heavy ride - that sounded FUCKING HUGE and sonically sent your sound so heavy... the little wimpy one used now is a distraction... so pls, pls, pls bring back the big cymbal! It meshes so well with the guitars and bass and over-all tone. THx!

  2. its me bobby. drummer-man. so goddamn true! that cymbal really was a masterpiece, but alas, did not belong to me. im searching for something like it. god bless zildjian. homies know how to make metal circles.

  3. And your drumming rules I might add! Keep your eye on Craigslist maybe Zildjian Avedis or A, or a K. maybe a Crash Ride or a Rock Ride - founded in 1623!

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