Saturday, June 22, 2013

SHOWS at home

Hey drones

we're playing a couple shows next week, this one's on tuesday:

for some reason i remembered crosss being from montreal (they're from halifax or hamilton?) and i didn't put OPEN RELATIONSHIP on the poster cos i'm an idiot. in any event, this show will be great and here's the facebook event:


then on FRIDAY we are playing a "secret" show but i'm telling you it's an all-ages as always rager that doubles as the music waste afterparty, it's also called RAINBOW CONNECTION aka 855 E HASTINGS, the show is with PEACE and COWARDS.


the LP release has been pushed back juuuust a lil bit to AUGUST and there will be more firm details on a release show weekend in both vancouver and seattle forthcoming.


we're doing an in-studio at KEXP on july 10th, i'll try to post a link or something?


lots of great bands doing all ages shows coming thru vancouver this summer!!!!!!:

-SO PITTED (seattle) at rainbow connection on wednesday june 26 played w this band at cairo and they ripped
-DOGBRETH (phoenix AZ) somewhere on monday july 8
-HAUSU (portland) at a house on july 12 or july 13
-HAZEL'S WART (bay area) somewhere cool on august 3rd
-WILD MOTH (oakland CA) somewhere rad on august 7
-LAZY (kansas city MO and AWESOME) somewhere chill on august 14th
-THE NUMBS (labelmate homie from seattle WA) in a tight space on august 29

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