Wednesday, September 11, 2013

here are some still life compositions captured by a kodak disposable camera on our summer 2013 tour
 this is neil from naomi punk...he mostly just has fun
 cam from cascadia, our summer summer soul mate
 neil having more fun
 hugo with nick from naomi...and kev
these 2 girls BOTH look like our mutual friend kari. i told them this then asked them to pose for a photo so that kari could see the resemblance. here they are posing. kari. here u go. look. see?
 travis from naomi @ betterfest...#festlife

kevin w ben and alex from hausu, in front of the hausu haus, where we always sleep when we're in pdx

 hausu haus
 patrick who lives with some of the hausucru. he knows too much about hiphop.
 regular hausu haus wall

 dan and sasha, cascadia
 outside our pdx show. nice guy.


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