Thursday, October 31, 2013


we're finally playing in our homeland again: THE WEST COAST
haven't been to california since august 2012 with babysitter... whoa....
here's the poster for the first show, in vancouver, with two awesome bands!!!!

more dates after the poster (and on the right hand side of da blog)

THURS NOV 7 - Vancouver BC: Em Carr Parking w/ Cindy Lee, Kiss Painting
FRI NOV 8 - Seattle WA: Heartland w/ Vats, Thee Samedi
SAT NOV 9 - Portland OR: Recess Gallery w/ Hausu
SUN NOV 10 - Eugene OR: Bonaroo Tattoo w/ Martian Manhunter
MON NOV 11 - San Francisco CA: Vacation w/ Permanent Collection
TUES NOV 12 - Los Angeles CA: Almost Holden Gallery w/ Gangrene Gang, Mutant City
WED NOV 13 - Temecula CA: The Dial w/ Crisis Arm, Underpass
THURS NOV 14 - Tuscon AZ: Topaz w/ Prom Body
FRI NOV 15 - Las Vegas NV: Hellpop!
SAT NOV 16 - Stockton CA: D Thrift Store w/ Surf Club, Monster Treasure, Satan Wriders
SUN NOV 17 - Olympia WA: Old School Pizzeria w/ Naomi Punk, Broken Water, Vexx

...... should rock


  1. What time are you playing emily carr at?

  2. show starts at 8 PM, has to be over by 11 !!! i guess we will play last?

  3. Hey guys, I want to buy your latest vinyl but I live in the UK. I emailed your label to ask about shipping but no response yet :( can you help? Love the music :)

  4. hanging with the label now... on the case!!!!!
    see you in february ;)

  5. What type of gear do y'all use (axes, amps, fx pedals etc)/??? Really likin the sounds on this album. Weed best band in 2013 righte now

  6. Traveling from Phoenix to Tucson to see you doods tonight! Alright!!

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