Monday, January 9, 2012


I am nervous. For me, tour emotions have mostly been occurring in the reverse order of what they previously have. The butterflies are just now starting. I was never scared to play, scared to screw up, or scared to be myself. During the time since my last Weed tour I have longed to be thrown back into the atmosphere so far outside of my comfort zone. Meeting new people, playing music in front of strangers, being vulnerable, these are things I'm no good at. This time though, this time I was comfortable.

Once again, I owe it all to the people. Will, Kevin, Hugo, Bobbie, thank you. Thank you for understanding who I am and accepting me with open arms into your amazing possy vibe. I feel like myself when I'm around you. I feel on. It happend last tour and repeated itself this past week. This trip has caused me, more than anything else, to start thinking. Touring has revived some part of my life I may have forgotten. For me, this is only the beginning. I've never ever been more excited and happy that something happened and nervous as shit that it may be over. Like, real fuckin nervous. Thank you for that.

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