Tuesday, January 3, 2012

it's me, hugo

i am in LA. LA is fun. immediately there are some things i noticed.

coffee in LA gives you cancer. i dont know how, but i got a coffee anyways. it was worth it, although im not sure i will be saying later on in life.

things in la are exciting. they like to be aesthetically pleasing here because the entertainment industry is all about looks. note how the cars match the fire extinguishers in LA.

i love this movie so much. i was happy to see that there was still posters for it on hollywood boulevard at the stores. miss you, jack.

like i said, me and bobby walked all over hollywood. we drank whiskey and vodka out of cups that we bought from a fast food restaurant. then we drank 40's of beer in those same cups and continued to walk around. the things we saw, uh, whoa.

got sad 2 b in a city that was entertainment driven, uh, then i got really happy again cause i was drinkin in LA. s'pretty. glad we came. very excited to play tonight.

one last thing. these dogs rule so hard. uh, going to be sad to leave.

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