Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Played at the Smell last night. Been wanting to play there forever. Glad to say we finally did it. Going in I've learned to have zero expectations for shit like that but we were pleasantly surprised by the turnout especially on Tuesday. The girl who booked our show, Kate, was one of the sweetest girls we met on the road.

Oh yeah - went for a run around 11am yesterday along the beach. Felt awesome. Something about the January weather in Los Angeles made me feel real nostalgic and sad. I could've cried. Didn't though. Found a great radio station to listen to. Sure wish I could remember the frequency. The DJ played a Bad Fate song. They are too good.

Hung out on the beach with the crew for a while. This was Santa Monica beach I guess. Went up to the van and drove to a joint called "Tacos Por Favor" for lunch. Great food!

Talked sports with Hannah's dad for a while - apparently the New York Times has great sports writers. Didn't get a chance to check it out for myself.

Had a little rehearsal in the guest room and then we got the rock outta there. The Smell is real cool. I don't know why LA doesn't get more love. One of my favorite cities I've ever been to.

Just heard that it's 82 degrees though - happy to be on the road to Davis.

As usual I got tired early last night so I was in the tent before the hot tub was even warm. Woke up late this morning to the sound of Hannah's pooches screaming their heads off.

Stopped for breakfast on the road. I tried the eggs and cactus! Very cool

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