Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yesterday was a pretty long drive. I can't remember if anything weird happened. We stopped at a gas station. Bobby tried to drive.

I guess we got to Davis around 5 or so. Kevin's brother lives in Davis so we brought some groceries over to his house to munch on. I had apples, brie, and graham crackers. Oh yeah - they were pushing this new Kit-Kat at the grocery store that was supposed to be extra crispy + creamy. Tasted like the usual to me. Fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Although I did like that 79 cent Santa Clause Kit-Kat they had in Canada before Christmas.

Anyway. Talked shit with Matt D and his wife for a while and then we went to the show. Davis DIY scene was weird! We played in a living room of some college house. Boris, the guy who booked the show, was setting up gear for his set when we walked in. Nice dude. The only person I met in Davis that didn't have weird teeth.

Him and the other band, Healing Potpourri, played some droney spacey sets and then we played. Pretty loud. Mostly cleared the house out but we still had a lot of fun. Hugo especially went HAM and bled all over the bass...

Had to leave directly after our set at 11 to start the drive to Olympia. Never fun. But also it is kind of a thrill to be with your buds and face a long night of driving. It sure feels good to get to your destination and poop out on the couch once you arrive.

I'm writing from Olympia now at Neil and Nick's house. Travis and Ben were sitting at the table when we walked in and I was happy to see them. Bobby, Hugo and I walked downtown to take care of some errands. Olympia is just the best.

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