Monday, January 9, 2012


The drive from Olympia to Seattle is only about an hour. We listened to Glenn Branca on the way. Lesson No. 1. It’s really good from what I could hear. Went to the QFC on Capitol Hill and I picked up some photos that I dropped off earlier. A really good roll! I failed to get another disposable camera so there are no photos after LA or before Seattle. Oh well. You can only take so many pictures of the dudes sleeping in the back seat. Also dropped off a 7” in the mail. 
Got back to the van and we headed over to the University of Washington to play a radio thing at 5. It was a great way to warm up and we had fun with the interview... I always ham it up when I’m in situations like that, I can’t help it! I’ll try to find a podcast of it. Here it is.

Afterwards we basically went to the Black Lodge to start setting up for the show. The good vibe started almost immediately. The place was packed out and every single one of my favorite people came to the show. Even some homies from Vancouver made the drive down to surprise us!
M Women played first and were really good. I like them more every time I see them and I got another copy of their 7” to give to Melanie. We also traded t-shirts. Our new t-shirt is selling very slowly... I don’t get it. I thought it was cool. Whatever.

This time I was determined to keep my spirits high for the set and not let anything get in my head. I wanted to shred. We did I think. Made some fairly big changes to the setlist and it did wonders... we were getting stagnant with the same order of everything every night and this helped a lot. I had a huge grin on my face for the whole night.

Our new song is sounding really good. It’s called “Ben’s Tour”.

Naomi played after us. This time we BARELY survived, but only because they had some technical issues. We even lent them a bass drum. But seriously. They are the best band.

Spent some time with my dear friends Luci and Josh, who are moving back to Australia after their semester in Vancouver. I’ll miss them a lot.

Drove home to sweet Vancouver and got home at about 4:30. Paul drove back with Anna & Vance, and I guess they witnessed a pretty intense accident right in front of them. Glad they’re OK. Vance also got a speeding ticket. What a day.

I’m at work again today but we’re playing at 360 Glen tonight and we’ve never really done a warehouse show. Not in a long time anyway. I guess we’re going to have a little barbecue tonight as a pregame activity - the Hausu dudes are en route to Vancouver right now! Dang.

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